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Our Values

Our political commitments include a belief in racial justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender equity, disability justice, environmental justice, and voter enfranchisement for all people.  We hope to foster projects that advance these subjects and inspire meaningful change.


We are committed to living our values of diversity, inclusion and equity in the stories we tell, in the work we do in front of the camera, on stage, on the page, behind the scenes, and in the audiences we reach. Dr. Maya Angelou taught us that "we are more alike than we are unalike," and showed us the importance of honoring both our commonalities and our differences. Fostering an environment of inclusion is vitally important to our creative work, as telling human stories well means involving the voices of those represented on screen or stage in the telling.


We know that the richer the diversity of our Corstoria community, the more personally enriched we will all be, as will the art we create and put out into the world. As we pursue investors, creative talent, production staff, and partners for our productions and projects, we are building a culture of diversity, equal inclusion, compensation equity, and fairness across all identity intersections, while also prioritizing the open accessibility of our work. We will hold ourselves accountable to practicing these ideals, because we have to be the change we seek in the world.

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